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For all our beds  and furniture, which are all custom made , we start with sanding:  It involves several hours of sanding in preparation for finishing. We go through a series of different sandpaper grits from courser to finer. This gets the wood ready for staining or painting.  And because they are custom you can choose to have a different finishing product used. We are all for green products 

Some interesting information I found on fine woodworking site is that "all finishes are nontoxic when fully cured, despite what you may have read or heard. Once the solvents have evaporated, any cured film is safe for contact with food. This does not mean that the finish itself is safe to gobble up."


Staining is done after sanding process.  Then staining is done and several top coats are applied. We use non toxic pigments mixed with water for almost all of our staining. Only a couple are oil based. Our top coat of choice is Satin low VOC Lacquer, which has the most durability for furniture but also often  use satin Clear Coat that is non toxic sold by Milk Paint products. Milk paint is made from milk solids and has no order and you can actually use it right in your house and it is very nice to work with. We can make custom colors from the milk paint for your furniture.

Each top coat has to have time to dry in before applying the next. Lacquer is faster drying than most other top coats. We try to let it  cure it before shipping

Painting: We offer Custom colors if you ask. Basically we use a decorator white and satin black both oil based. Very durable for furniture.

Painting involves 3 primer coats that are each dried and sanded before going on to the next. Before it is begun we go through the sanding process as for our staining. After this 3 step  prime is done then the top coats are applied as necessary. This is a very time intensive process and thus is more costly than staining. This is a time intensive process and is why we do charge more for this process. 

Feel free to ask us for any choices you want when ordering from us . Make it your custom choice. Thanks , Junie

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